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We are Webshoppee India’s Best brand – in Royal, Premium Handicrafts and Wooded Furniture with an experience of more than 20 years in Handicrafts and Furnitures.We Provide 100% Made in India with local talent we produce masterpieces that you have so far seen in photos, movies only.

Webshoppee.com is our online store for global clients. We are in Saharanpur a globally famous city for it’s handicrafts and wooden art, and being the top companies in our city is a matter of pride and immense pleasure for us.

Our’s real pleasure comes from the amazing reviews that we receive from our clients from across the globe. We strongly believe in Best Quality is a vague term, best cannot be cheap and cheap cannot be Best anyhow. Our work involves hours/ days and sometimes months of hard work to create a single product and yes masterpieces requires time to create. Our style of work is known by different names like Victorian Furniture, Mughal Art Room Room Dividers, Maharaja Furniture, Artistic Luxury Furniture, Mughal Art furniture, Exclusive Classic Indian Furniture, Contemporary & Antique Collection, all hand-crafted by our local artisans with the quality.

Online furniture industry has grown sharply over these years and we offer our unique furniture range to our clients with our online store Webshoppee.com. We producing quality products and with shipping through best transportation services to anywhere in India and global destinations.

Our Expertise

Wood Carving is a fine art that is developed with years of experience and knowledge about the quality of wood.

From Rack shelfs, Wall shelves, Bedroom Wall Shelves, Bathroom Wall Shelfs, Kitchen Wall Shelves, small jewellery boxes, Kitchen Tools, Office Tables, Room Tables, Masala Boxes, partition screens, handcrafted home furniture viz bedroom sets, sofa sets, dining sets, wardrobe, settees, bar cabinets and chairs, Rocking Chairs, wall decor items to a range of export items, Webshoppee.com has supplied our artistic products globally.

Selection of right type of wood and use of seasoned woods improves the life of the product and the right polishing gives the enriched look to the product as required by the client. Our artisans have created masterpieces time and again for made to order products as required by our customers, be it the corporate gifts with carved Names or the grand looking furniture sets used by the royal families. Each unit is hand-made and thoroughly inspected before it is sent to the customer to bring the satisfaction of our customers.


Being our family business and three generations of expertise we have always taken pride in delivering what is required by our clients. Our business solely depends on the quality of our products as most of our clients have been associated with us for more than a decade. Our business theme always suggest the satisfaction of our clients for the money they have paid.


Webshoppee.com is now doing business with all major e-retailers and providing high quality wooden products under the brand name of Webshoppee.com With thousands of happy customers from our online stores in last few years our customers have appreciated our art and quality time and again. With an aim to make Webshoppee.com the brand and Saharanpur as synonyms, we have taken our best foot forward and wishes to engage with people world-over to showcase the talent of the cottage Industry of Saharanpur for Wood Handicrafts and Wood Furniture and Handcrafts. Some of our work is displayed on the website and we would constantly update our work to keep the art alive and not to be taken over by automation through robotics & CNC machines.